hues of Beauty

A group exhibition
june 20 – 30, 2022

The philosophy of aesthetics discusses and dissects the nature and essence of beauty and art. To some, this philosophy seems superficial. What is deemed beautiful oftentimes appears differently from era to era. Time and time again, writers, philosophers, and artists have studied and tried to decipher the realness and rawness of beauty; however, not a single concept has caged it. The reality is, beauty covers different spectrums. It can be theoretical, conceptual, or visual, and to some, it is experiential. The saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is timeless as beauty is often subjective. In the art world, one cannot scratch an artwork and be labeled undesirable if another person sees it in a different light. To an artist, this is the essential and crucial aspect of their art.

The material definition of beauty might change, but the experience and emotions it triggers remain. People might not agree on proportions or hues, but real beauty will always bring intensity from deep within as beauty transcends the physical. Since artists see and experience life in a different way, their art often finds its beauty even in the most peculiar category of hatred, destruction, or melancholy; to an artist, beauty is both expected and unexpected.

The spectrum of beauty through the eyes, imagination and experiences of the artist centers the exhibition “Hues of Beauty”. The works of Emman Miranda, Edu Perreras, Nelson Bosita, Raine Sarmiento, Tom Bucag, Angelica Regala, Eugenia Alcalde, Enon De Belen and Rum Corvera explore the varying degrees of the aesthetics transcending that of what meets the eye.